Online private lessons

Our aim is to get you progressing quickly and keep your motivation high.

Our French teachers have a long experience
with tailoring goal-oriented programs

Our private lessons make it easier for you to achieve the goals you have set for yourself. We work with the topics you are interested in and strengthen the skills and abilities you need to work on the most.

When you contact us, we will start with a mapping interview to hear more precisely about your project and your needs. We will assess your level and set up a relevant training plan.

Our language specialists have expertise in various fields and over the years we have tailored different types of programs. We have a long-standing  experience in preparing individual students for various assignments abroad (Médecins Sans Frontières, Red Cross, Foreign Service). For culture lovers and history buffs, we have also created exciting programs around, for example, a French novel or a historical period. Feel free to challenge us!

I am very happy with my online lessons. It was adapted to my level and we used material that was tailored to my needs. I learnt to communicate in French more freely and spontaneously each time. I got to know a lot more about French culture, society and current events. Learning a language this way is both engaging and fun!

La defense private lesson

Premium French

Our one-to-one custom tailored programs French Premium are our most flexible offer. The progression is built so that you can achieve your goals and is tailored to your desired pace. You and your teacher will schedule the lessons and choose the days and times depending on what suits you best. You can always change a scheduled class if you give at least 24 hours' notice.

10 private lessons of 45 minutes cost EUR 690.
10 private lessons of 60 minutes cost EUR 890.

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Learn French in pairs

Learn French in pair

We also offer the opportunity to work in pairs around a thematic or a specific project. This option is particularly suitable if you are interested in studying with a colleague, a friend or a member of your family. This dynamic formula offers you a high level of personal attention while benefiting from interaction with another student.

If you are alone but would like to study in pairs, please contact us.

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You do not know what type of course to choose or have doubts about your level?

Contact us for an orientation interview! You will chat with one of our teachers about your needs and your goals. We will assess your level together: what you already know and what points require work. We will then be able to find the course best suited to you.

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